ULTIMATE Money Kit by Jen Hemphill


Simplifying How You Create & Carry Out Your Financial Goals


A goal without a plan is just a wish.  --Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

 Money brings a lot of emotions out in us:  fear, overwhelm, anxiety, guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs.  These emotions can limit from creating a simple plan to reach your financial goals. 

The ULTIMATE Money Kit helps you visualize what is possible and breaks it down in a doable way.  

It will take you step-by step on how to create a clear strong plan all while figuring out how to do it  with your current financial situation!  Plus, it provides the exact tools you will need to accomplish this.  

What's included?

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Your Tools
Ultimate Money Kit Workbook
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527 KB
Monthly Progress Template
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The Videos
Welcome To Your ULTIMATE Money Kit
2 mins
Video #1: Visualization Exercise
18 mins
Video #2: Let's dream again, YOU are worth it!
13 mins
Video #3: Simplifying goals and coming up with a doable number
5 mins
Video #4: How to take your money goal and include it in your money plan
21 mins
Video #5: The Recap
4 mins
52 Week Money Attraction Journal Template
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10 Money Hacks Bonus
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Top Resources Bonus
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Listen, the traditional money advice just isn't cutting it...

Hi!  I'm Jen Hemphill, AFC® and Money Confidence Coach.  I help you learn how to save more, do more and be more with your money without so much sacrifice or overwhelm!