My Money Wellness Tracker by Jen Hemphill

My Money Wellness Tracker

A 30-Day Tracking Tool To Spot Your Strengths + Areas That Need YOUR Attention!


Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your finances when you are doing everything by the book?

Track the actions you are currently taking and it will tell you what area(s) you need to focus on most!  

HINT:  It's not always about tracking the money or having a budget.

You can grab your copy for only $7 (USD)!!

What's included?

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My Money Wellness Tracker Tutorial
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Does this help you track your money?

This tool itself does not track your money, but rather your daily habits around money. Of course if you track your daily habits and those are going well, chances are good that you are tracking that money.

Is this a manual or automatic tool?

It is a manual tool. There is so much power to writing things down, so you can be aware of your current habits and change them for the better!

Listen, the traditional money advice just isn't cutting it...

Hi!  I'm Jen Hemphill, AFC® and Money Confidence Coach.  I help you learn how to save more, do more and be more with your money without so much sacrifice or overwhelm!